Full face snorkel mask is highly used by many by the people who explore in the water. There are many designs to choose from. But people rarely know whether the masks are safe or unsafe. The duration that is used in these masks can determine the safety. While we breathe, the air that will be released by the body is carbon dioxide. While your body is involved in activities, it means that the exchange is very high. The body needs more oxygen. If this happens in a closed space like when you have a full mask on your face, you do not exhale deeply enough to push all the out of the snorkel. This means you will start inhaling carbon dioxide. When one breathes carbon dioxide, it will lead to a headache, dizziness, and unconsciousness. Full face mask CO2 buildup will lead to death considering you are far away from the surface.

Full face CO2 build up is very risky. When one gets to the unconsciousness level, this means the chances of survival are very minimal.  Full face masks death will highly occur especially when your snorkel is not well designed. There are many manufacturers in the market and this means that some of them are not up to standards. Full face safe masks are available in the market, but you need a reputable person to make sure that you land on one. This will mean that even if you are so deep, you are in a good position to push the CO2 out of the snorkel to avoid breathing the gas that you just exhaled.

When it comes to the design of the full face mask snorkel, it will determine how safe it is. Not all snorkel designed the same way will work out the same way. You need 
the right design so to avoid the full face CO2 build up which causes unconsciousness. Before you are sure that your full face snorkel is safe, it is better to involve people who have enough knowledge on the snorkels. This will go a long in ensuring that you enjoy being in the risk of CO2 buildup is eliminated.  The full face snorkel should also be leakage free, leakage will lead to death while still in the water. It is very essential to get a good full face snorkel so that you avoid death that is associated with them especially when CO2 accumulates.
Risk Associated With Full Face Snorkel Masks